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Awesome Reach Awesome Reach

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Jesus ****ing Christ

I've seen every single one of your awesome cartoons, and this one had me in tears. I have a few friends who've been hyping up for this game since it's announcement, and I swear they acted just like that. I showed them the vid and said "THIS IS WHAT YOU RETARDS LOOK LIKE". Seriously, if they let me.. I would have given you a 6 but it only goes to 5 :( so you get 5/10. Please keep making these, they can flip any bad day around in seconds.

The Lost Lake The Lost Lake

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Blew me away..

Normally I come poking around new grounds lookin` for funnies. Decided to check this one out and it blew me away. Deep stuff, good story, decent animation and the song choice fit, well played.

Madness: Deus Ex Machina Madness: Deus Ex Machina

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Had to comment...

I've rated this 5/5 a few times but I thought I'd chime in to clear something up for a few folks. Deus Ex Machina is not just a game, in fact, the phrase existed long before the game existed. I hate when people don't do their research before making comments like that. As per wikipedia:

A deus ex machina (pronounced /%u02C8de%u026A.%u0259s %u025Bks %u02C8m%u0251%u02D0kin%u0259/ or /%u02C8di%u02D0.%u0259s %u025Bks %u02C8mæk%u0268n%u0259/, or day oos ayks mokinah [1] literally "god from the machine") is a plot device in which a person or thing appears "out of the blue" to help a character to overcome a seemingly insolvable difficulty. It is generally considered to be poor storytelling technique.

While the last line is true so far as books and movies are concerned, if you were doing it on purpose (kinda like the ending to this flash video), it works out well. After thinking about it, I thought it was quite amusing.

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Drop Dead 3 Drop Dead 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I am so addicted..

I've had this in a permanent tab in firefox for the past 2 days (no I am not lying). I cannot get enough of this game, I started playing before work and I found that when I came home I needed to play it some more. It has an addicting quality that alot of the random games today are severely lacking in. Mouse & Spacebar, that's all I need for hours of fun? 5/5 10/10 .. this is one of those times where I think NG should go up to 11.

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EIPC Snake EIPC Snake

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I can't... in good conscience... give this a good score. Why people insist on making 500 clones of Snake is beyond me. I used to have this on an old nokia phone with a black & white screen for crap sakes. On top of that, your fruit doesn't even line up with the grid. Sorry friend, but I do not give out 5/5 10/10 for clones of crumby 10 second boredom killers.

stack da police (final) stack da police (final)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I agree with what Fantoche said a few reviews down; I wouldn't have given such a low rating had you included more than 1 level, but I am growing ever tired of newgrounds being used as nothing more than free advertising for P2P flash games. The concept was neat, but that's all I will give you.

kerb responds:

but it is NOT pay to play......